Perfect Processes

Zinios solutions automate and track your business processes, increasing efficiency, accuracy and visibility.

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Human Resourceful

ZiniosHR ensures effective implementation and visibility of all your HR practices and policies.

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Information Empowerment

Touchline empowers the electricity industry with the tools to accurately track, consistently manage and effectively complete projects. 

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Workplace safety

Assura is the complete solution for keeping on top of your Health & Safety requirements, and your team safe at work

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Software solutions to automate and optimise processes, reduce costs and improve consistency.

Hindin provides workflow systems to a range of government, private and public clients. We’re renowned for solution flexibility, reliability and rapid deployment.

Our powerful software platform makes designing and delivering solutions fast, cost-effective and tailored to your specific needs.

We have already developed pre-configured products for the electricity industry, Health & Safety management and HR departments, and we are continually designing new products and solutions.



Zinios is our scalable, adaptable and above all reliable development platform. It provides all the tools needed to control, enhance, evolve, safeguard and manage your business processes. For business compliance, transparency, visibility, auditability and efficiency Zinios delivers it all. 

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is an innovative solution designed to meet the unique stringent health and safety and compliance requirements of the electricity industry.

P24577 Assura Logo FAOur latest solution, Assura, is the complete solution for keeping on top of your Health & Safety requirements. 

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No matter how complex your needs, our consultants will use their extensive business analysis skills to design a solution specifically configured to your requirements. Naturally, your system will be delivered on time and on budget and will perform to the required specification.

Call us today to find out how our solutions team can help you.

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